Training the Public Health Workforce in Health Equity: Learning from Europe


The United States and European countries are often compared as the highest-ranking regions in socio-economic conditions, political structures, healthcare systems, and economic resilience. Both are high resource regions that are world renown for medical innovation. However, the U.S. consistently ranks low in health equity compared to other high resource countries, many of which are in Europe. This training discusses best practices that public health workers could adopt stateside from European public health initiatives.

Public Health Data: A Training for Tier 1 Workforce


The manual is designed to fill the gap by providing a course that can be used to train the region’s entry-level or nonsupervisory workforce on different areas of data for decision making, namely, identifying appropriate sources of data and information, collecting valid data, interpreting and using data to address public health issues. The manual has different modules that are intended to be used for each area; while modules can also be omitted or combined for use as needed. 

Principles of Data Quality


The essence of this training is to enable the Public Health Workforce to manage and interpret data effectively by understanding the core principles of data quality.

Cultural Awareness for Contraception Counseling as Routine Evidence-based Practice (CCCCARE) for Minority Women

Cultural awareness is a component of culturally competent care therefore this training has been developed in response to the growing diversity in the US population, and the unmet need for contraception among minority women. Additionally, a training gap for cultural competency has been identified in the public health tier 3 workforce of Region IV, according to the Public Health Workforce Interests and Needs Survey (PH WINS) findings. The training focuses on integrating and transforming knowledge into behavior and attitude change, by adopting policy, standards, and best practices. The framework for this resource is based on Transformative Learning Theory; a theory that supports adult learners.

Civil Rights Compliance Training 2021-2022

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This training is designed to ensure all new hires, sub-recipients, contractors,and service beneficiaries are aware of the provisions of Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the minimum requirements to be in compliance with its rules, laws, and regulations.

Contact Information:

Luvenia Harrison, Civil Rights Compliance Officer
Office of Compliance
Andrew Johnson Building
710 James Robertson Parkway
Nashville, TN 37243
(615) 741-9421


This module discusses the physiology and treatment of hypertension, also known as high blood pressure.