Trauma Informed Workplace

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A module consisting of two lessons:

Lesson 1: Creating a Trauma Informed Resilient Centered Workplace – In this lesson, participants will be able to define trauma, how to identify it and understand the significance of the Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) study.  This presentation discusses the impact of trauma at work; defines secondary trauma; steps to take in becoming a trauma informed workplace and strategies to promote personal self-care and workplace wellness.  

Lesson 2: Trauma Informed Care and Co-Worker Connections – In this lesson, participants will realize the importance of empathy, identify behaviors and symptoms of trauma, and understand that before caring for others you must take care of yourself first.  The session will reframe the SAMHSA six pillars for developing a trauma informed organizational approach to a workplace setting, define the path to inclusion and innovation through psychological safety and provide strategies for becoming an empathetic co-worker.