How to Give an Effective Presentation

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  1. What all good speeches have in common
  2. Improving your speeches
  3. The main types of speeches you may be asked to give:
    • The scientific/research/conference presentation
    • The advocacy/policy speech
    • A “keynote” address
    • The short thematic speech
  1. Before you accept an invitation to speak
  2. Preparation!
  3. Dealing with your nerves

There are no test questions or quizzes with this module.  However, I encourage everyone to carefully review a video recording of one of your recent speeches to see if there are opportunities to improve your public speaking through the incorporation of the advice given in this module. If you’d like to contact me with questions, my email is

Useful supplemental material not referenced in the presentation:

Link to a wide variety of famous speeches:

How many types of talks are there?